“Transparent Taxation – Honouring the Honest”

Highlights of the Faceless tax assessment:

A new tax scheme to honour and encourage honest taxpayers, launched by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji :

1. Faceless assessment and taxpayers charter come in force from today i.e... 13th August, whereas faceless appeal service will be available from September 25, 2020.

2. The Income Tax department will adopt a ‘taxpayer charter’ which outlines the rights and responsibilities of both tax officers and taxpayers.

3. Faceless appeals- Under the system, appeals will be randomly allotted to any officer in the country. The identity of the officer deciding the appeal will remain unknown.

4. No physical interface, team based assessment and team based review.

5. Exceptions to Faceless Assessment: - Serious fraud, major tax evasion, sensitive and search matters. - International Tax. - Black Money Act and Benami property.

6. Taxpayers Charter lists the rights and obligations of the taxpayer associated with the commitment.

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